What is the Pemigewasset Valley Fish and Game Club?
The Pemi Club is 1500 members, club officers, Directors, and volunteers whose goals are to promote: the preservation of the shooting sports, good sportsmanship, safety and outdoor ethics, the conservation of fish, wildlife and their habitat, and to provide education for the membership and public.  The Club is advanced entirely by the work of volunteers, except for contracts like snow plowing and utilities.

When was the Club founded?

Where is the Club situated?  
The Club is located at 295 Beede Road in Holderness, New Hampshire.

What is the Club's mailing address?  
Our mailing address is P.O. Box 38, Plymouth, New Hampshire 03264.

How do I join the Club?
You can download and print an application form at www.pemi.org.

Is the Club open for anyone to join?
Yes.  Our application process and low membership fees make Club membership available to everyone.  Memberships are for individuals and are not available to corporations.

Is there a minimum age to join?
There is no minimum age; however, individuals under 18 years old are designated "Junior" members.  Members under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult at all times on the club grounds.

Are the Club's ranges open to the public?
The Club grounds and ranges are open only to members, their guests, and non-members attending Club-sponsored events.

Do you hire people to work at the Club?
The Club relies entirely on volunteers except for contract work.

Can I visit the Club?
Please contact us by email to arrange a tour. You can join with a One-day Membership and visit as a guest in the company of a current member.

Can a physically-challenged person participate at the Club?
We have and will work to make events and resources available to physically challenged people.

Is there an orientation for new members?
Yes.  The New Member Orientation (NEMO) schedule is on our event calendar.

Do you give discounts to seniors, students, active military, or law enforcement?
Individuals age 68 to 79 receive a 50% discount. Those 80 and over receive a 100% discount.

Can I bring guests?  
Members can bring guests to the Club under the "One Day Membership" process.

Can I volunteer to help?
To volunteer, you must be a member, a guest of a member, or a visitor at a Club-sponsored event

Am I required to volunteer time?
Members are not required to volunteer time.

Do I have to be a member of the N.R.A.?
No.  We have a good relationship of support from the N.R.A. and we encourage you to join, but N.R.A. membership is not required for Club membership.

Can I join and use the shooting ranges if I am not a resident of New Hampshire?

Do I need a pistol or hunting license?
No.  Members must comply with Federal and State law.  If you are legally permitted access to firearms, you do not need a license to shoot at our ranges.

How can I find out about events?
Please check our event calendar at www.pemi.org.

What if I need safety instruction?
The Club offers: A New Member Orientation (NEMO), NRA Basic Pistol Classes, safety classes for beginners, and orientations for Range Safety Officers (RSO).

Can I get supervision and instruction for an individual under age 18?
Individuals under 18 years old can attend our safety courses.

Do you have programs for women?
We do have gun safety programs for all shooters including: beginners, Scouts, 4-H, college students, and women.

Can I make range reservations?
Range reservations are for Club-sponsored events.  If you wish to lead an event, please contact one of our Club Officers or Directors.

Can I shoot my own ammunition?
Yes.  See our range rules for restrictions on specific types of cartridges.

What kind of targets are permitted?
Please see our range rules for target types.

Can I reserve the clubhouse for parties or events?
No.  We do not rent out the clubhouse.

Do you rent firearms?
No.  We do not rent firearms.

Do you have a gunsmith on site?
We do not have a gunsmith.

Do you facilitate firearms transfers?
The club does not have a federal firearms license.  Some of our members may have a license.  There are gun shops near the Club.

Do you have a dress code?
We do not have a dress code except that we bar any messages on clothing that discriminate against Constitutionally-protected classes of persons.

Can I take pictures at the Club?  

Do you accept credit cards at events and membership sign-ups?
Membership and event fees are collected as cash or checks only.

Do you have a Facebook group page?
Yes. Join us at “The Pemi Fish & Game Club”.

What if I have other questions?
Please browse our web site for more information or contact us with your questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by writing to us at PO Box 38, Plymouth, NH 03264.

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