High power shooter

A long tradition at the Pemi is high power rifle shooting, and we run a number of competitions every year. “High power”, “centerfire”, and “big bore” mean roughly the same thing, and at some matches a huge variety of rifles are used, from level-action “cowboy” rifles to the more modern AR-15-type rifles and “Tubb” guns. Most of our matches are shot at a range of 200 yards.

The season usually starts with a late-winter match, often in late March but recently it's drifted into early April. We've also been known to have a shoot in early February!

But the heart of our match season comes in the warmer months.

We usually lead off with a "CMP clinic", a day-long introductory class about rifle competition using service rifles, that is, M1, M1A, 1903-type, Mauser, and AR-15-type rifles. Newcomers are strongly encouraged to take a clinic.

A lot of our high power competitions every year are in matches associated with the New Hampshire High Power Rifle League. This is a collection of four clubs in the state. And recently a club in Massachusetts joined the League. Each of the five clubs in the League runs 5 or 6 matches a year. Shooters from all the clubs can shoot at any or all of these matches, and it's a great way to meet shooters from other parts of the state. The matches themselves are relatively quick: 50-shots, mostly rapid fire, with plenty of sighters.

For general information about rifle matches, contact Randy Enger at 978-443-5429 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or check the web calendar at www.pemi.org.


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