The Pemi Fish & Game Club is home to an active, growing group of pistol shooters who participate in indoor NRA Precision Pistol (aka “Bullseye”) competition with the New Hampshire Pistol League (NHPL) over the winter and host informal “fun shoots” outdoors through the summer months.

The indoor NHPL season runs from October to April and is shot on the NRA Gallery Match Course of Fire using .22 rimfire pistols only. Shooters fire a match course consisting of 30 shots, 10 each in slow fire, timed fire, and rapid fire, at targets placed at a distance of 50 ft. Slow fire consists of 10 shots with a time limit of 10 minutes; the slow fire target is the NRA B-2. Timed and rapid fire are each shot on the NRA B-3 target. Timed fire consists of two strings of 5 shots, each with a 20 second time limit. Rapid fire is also two strings of 5 shots, but the time limit is reduced to 10 seconds. NRA Precision Pistol is traditionally shot one-handed, but the NHPL also has a separate competition for those wishing to shoot two-handed.

NHPL matches at the Pemi are shot on Monday evenings and Wednesday mornings, with each shooter firing two matches (i.e., 60 shots) at each session. The League season comprises a total of 40 individual matches, so the season runs over 20 shooting weeks, with additional weeks on the schedule to accommodate holidays, snow days, and makeup matches. For the 2017-18 NHPL season, Pemi entered three teams in the League (two one-handed, one two-handed) and the Pemi Blue team was successful in capturing the League title.

If you want or need a good excuse to get out of the house Monday evenings, and/or Wednesday mornings, this winter and shoot .22 pistol at a heated indoor range, in a congenial atmosphere with friendly and helpful teammates, and have a desire to improve your pistol skills, then give us a call. On top of the regular Pemi membership fee and annual Indoor Range fee, there is a one-time $50 league registration (which is paid back to all shooters completing 32 of the scheduled 40 matches) and $2 a week to cover targets and heat.  No previous pistol competition experience is needed and informal instruction, combined with infinite patience, are available for first-time participants. This is a fun league with no pressure to be a master class shooter to participate.

When the weather warms up in the Spring, the Pemi Pistol Shooters move outdoors to the 50-yard covered range and shoot at 25 and 50 yards, using larger targets appropriate for those distances. The outdoor summer season is intended to be informal fun and practice for the indoor winter season, and all Pemi members are welcome. Handguns are not restricted to .22 rimfire, and many shooters take advantage of the opportunity to work with their 1911-style pistols and other centerfire arms. Targets are provided at a cost of only $1 per evening.

For additional details on Pemi’s various Precision Pistol activities, please contact Bill Hagerup at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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