Long range gong shooting

Gong shooting is a precision rifle event typically firing over ranges of 100 yards.

The event, which focuses heavily on safety, involves shooting at steel targets. The steel targets are designed to emit and audible “gong”, metal-on-metal sound when struck by a bullet.

This allows the use of the targets throughout the event without any need to change targets, or for any attendee or range officer to travel downrange of the firing line.

There are at least five good reasons for shooting steel targets:

  • You know right away whether you hit the target or not
  • When shooting rifles at longer range, you don’t need to peek through a scope trying to identify your hits or your score.  The distinctive ringing sound will tell you!
  • You do not have to go down range to change targets
  • You get a free workout lugging heavy targets around
  • The event focuses on safe rifle handling and range practices

Please check our event calendar for dates, times, and contact information regarding these events.

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