Precision Rifle (PR) matches consist of shooters engaging steel targets from difficult and interesting positions under time constraints. Obstacle example are hanging tires, portholes, picnic tables, wooden barricades and many more. The objective of these matches is for the shooter to learn to create a solid shooting platform from most any shooting position quickly and execute safe & accurate shots from the position.

Competitors will need a rifle capable of 2 MOA or better in a caliber ranging from a minimum of .223 Remington (69 gr or greater projectiles) to a maximum of .30 caliber (.308, 300 Win Mag, etc.). Approximately 100 rounds of ammunition are required for a typical match, and no steel core or bimetal projectiles are allowed. The rifle should be equipped with a scope with exposed turrets and a bipod and each shooter should have an accurate drop table for the rifle/ammo combination. Required safety equipment includes eye and ear protection and a chamber flag (open bolt indicator).

Shooters wishing to participate in PR at the Pemi are required to register for a match online; a registration page for each match is opened at least one month before the match date. The curent match fee is $30. Registration Link:

For more information about Precision Rifle contact Alex Roy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Facebook at Pemi Precision Rifle Group.

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