A seemingly unlikely combination of events – one is an aerobic activity (skiing or running) which requires strength, speed and endurance; the other is a passive activity (shooting) which requires concentration and a steady hand (difficult after you’ve been skiing, running or walking all out!).

The earliest known reference to hunting from skis goes back to Norwegian cave paintings dated 2000 years ago. The first known biathlon with firearms was held in Scandanavia in the mid 1700’s. Biathlon was adopted as an Olympic sport in 1955. Well-known local competitive skier, Jack Armstrong, visited the club at our first event in '07 and told us about being on the United States team in the first World Biathlon Championships held in Saalfelden, Austria in 1958. This was the US introduction to winter biathlon competition and the training ground for the US participation in the first Olympic Biathlon which was held in Squaw Valley, California in 1960. Olympic Biathlons use the same caliber rifles on the same-sized targets at the same distances as we will be using here at the Pemi competitions.

After a great and well attended '14 season, we are ready to begin the Pemigewasset Valley Fish and Game Club Pemi Mountaineers seventh season of Biathlon with three winter events and then with five events this summer (2015). We acquired ten of the Devin BT-500 official biathlon match targets four years ago, each with a bank of five bulls-eyes and when the target is hit a white paddle comes up and)covers the black bullseye! They reset with the pull of a nylon rope and can change from the prone (smaller targets) to the offhand (larger targets), also with a pull of the rope. Scoring and shooter satisfaction is much enhanced with these targets! The ten steel Devin-100 Practice Targets purchased with a generous grant from the NRA Foundation will still be used for practice sessions

Summer Biathlon grew naturally out of Winter Biathlon as a means of keeping in shape for the whole season. Cross-country running is the most popular form of Summer Biathlon in the U.S.A. and Canada. In addition to the Match Class for experienced biathletes, we offer a Walk Class, a Beginner Class, a Novice Class and a Youth Class where the same or alternative distances are walked or run. This allows everyone to take part in this sport! In addition, we initiated a Mountain Bike Biathlon event in 2008. This event was very well received and will continue to be among our offerings.

The Pemi is proud to also offer a WHEELCHAIR CLASS at all events as well as alternative ADAPTIVE CLASSES. These are in cooperation with New England Disables Sports headquartered in Lincoln, NH and with Eastern Adaptive Sports headquartered in Ashland, NH. For more information on EAS please contact Geoff Krill at 603-616-6067 or email Check out their web site at

The Winter Biathlon season is scheduled for Saturdays, Jan 17, Feb 14 and March 7, 2015. These dates are subject to snow cover; please refer to the Event Calendar for announcements or email This year we will have two relays: 11:00 and 1:00 and the match fee is $15 for either relay or $25 for both. There will be divisions for cross country skiing and also for those choosing snowshoeing. Skate skiing will be available depending on snow cover and snow grooming availability. 

Registration will start at 8:30 at the clubhouse. In winter biathlon the rifles are carried slung across the back in the skiing or snow shoeing phases of the match for Match Class participants, others will stage their rifles at the firing line.

The Summer Biathlon season at the Pemi will get started on Saturday, May 30 subject to final schedule to be set in early January . They will all be on Saturdays with the exception of the Mouhtain Bike event . There will be teams registered as “Match Teams” and as “Sport Teams”. The “Sport Team” is designed for novices/beginners/youth/adaptive and they will shoot at the larger targets prone as well as offhand and they will run/walk shorter distances. The Match Team participants shoot at smaller targets prone and at larger ones offhand.

Registration for the Pemi Summer Biathlon events will take place at the clubhouse from 8:00 to 9:00 AM for the Match Team participants and from 8:30 – 9:30 for the Sport Team biathletes on the day of the event. The sight-in period and a safety and range briefing will be at the range starting at 9:00 am for the Match Team. Matches will be scheduled to start at 10:00 with the Match Class first followed by the Youth, Beginner, Novice and Adaptive participants. All events are open to the public regardless of shooting experience and all ages are welcome. (Well, 99 is the limit to protect the youngsters from being humiliated). Coaching is available. Age 17 and under must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. The registration fee is $15 per match.

Some club rifles are available for use at no added fee. Ammo needs to be subsonic and we are using Eley subsonic Match Ammo this year. If you do not have any we have a supply at a small fee. Also, eye/ear protection is required. Races are held rain or shine, but will be cancelled if thunder is heard from the property during a race. Rifles may be protected from rain by clear plastic garbage bags if necessary.

Part 1 – run 800m shoot 5 shots prone, run penalty loops.
Part 2 – run 800m shoot 5 shots prone, run penalty loops.
Part 3 – run 800m shoot 5 shots standing, run penalty loops.
Part 4 – run 800m shoot 5 shots standing, run penalty loops.
Part 5 – run 800m

Sunday October 4 
A Mountain Bike Biathlon where biking is done rather than running!

Adaptive class participants are welcome at all events and the course will be modified to the ability of the participa

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