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Saturday, October 14, 2017
Event Title: Future History Rifle Match
Where: 200 Yard Range
Time: 9:00 AM
"FUTURE HISTORY" Action Rifle Match

The Pemigewasset Fish & Game Club once again conducts an Action Rifle Match, this time to simulate What Might Have Been.


At the beginning of her Third Term in office, the United States first Chief Executive Officer had finally been successful in amending the Constitution and getting the Fire Arms Registration, Confiscation and Enforcement (FARCE) Act  passed by the People s Congress before they adjourned for their usual six-month home district re-election campaigns. The former BATFE, which had become the Federal Ordnance Police (nicknamed FOP s for their brilliant red jackets) immediately began strictly enforcing the FARCE Act, confiscating all non-sporting  arms; semi-automatic rifles, pistols and shotguns; and all firearm magazines over 8 rounds capacity. People in Washington DC, Beverly Hills CA and New York City NY reported that they feel much safer. However, throughout the country there were still pockets of Deplorables¯ who clung to their outdated belief in the Old Constitution s Second Amendment and who commited occasional acts of rebellion. Given the limitations of the few firearms that they could legally possess, these Deplorables¯ still tried to resist the Ordnance Police when they could. One such incident, although not mentioned in the media at the time, occurred in Concord on April 19th, when an FOP unit attempting to confiscate a cache of banned military-type semi-automatic rifles was met at a small bridge by a group of Deplorables¯ and a firefight ensued. After an all-day engagement with casualties on both sides, the FOP s were unable to discover the banned weapons and retreated. Details of this incident are still unclear. Who first fired The Shot Heard Round the State will probably never be known -------------
In a safe, controlled environment the essential elements of this Match illustrate to a very small degree how our Founding Fathers envisioned that a citizen s Militia would function. FOLLOW ME"

ALLOWABLE RIFLES/AMMUNITION/EQUIPMENT: Any bolt-action military rifle issued by any nation, OR any bolt-action, pump-action, single-shot or lever-action civilian rifle. NO SEMI-AUTOMATIC RIFLES. MILITARY RIFLES IRON SIGHTS ONLY - NO LASER, TELESCOPIC OR ENHANCED OPTICAL SIGHTS. CIVILIAN RIFLES MAY USE SCOPES. Examples of allowable military rifles are Mosin Nagant M91/30 or M1944; German K98; British Lee Enfield; U.S. M1903 Springfield, M1917 Enfield; Japanese Type 38 ------- basically any bolt-action military rifle issued by any nation. Civilian rifles may be any type of manually-operated hunting  rifle in any caliber except .22 LR. Military ball ammunition or equivalent soft-point hunting ammunition only. All shooters will require 45 rounds, although it is anticipated that hunting  rifle shooters will not be able to reload quickly enough to fire 15 rounds per phase.
Match fee is $10. Match will be held rain or shine, dress accordingly. Female and Youth shooters are very strongly encouraged to participate. Range discipline will be VERY STRICTLY enforced. Signup/squadding to begin at 0900, SAFETY BRIEFING/first round down-range at 0930+/-, estimate finish at 1300 Hrs (1:00 PM)+/- . Shooters will be squadded by rifle type: MILITARY BOLT ACTION and ALL CIVILIAN. The only prize is bragging rights (and the newly acquired knowledge you take away). For advance signup, contact Bob Anderson at

All shooters to be positioned at 200-yard firing line, with targets being phased at 50 meters/100 meters/200 meters. Ammunition not expended at a given range may be carried over to the next Phase. Phase I (Close-Quarter Battle. Simulates face-to-face engagement): At 50 Meters: Full-size (Army E) silhouette. From Standing/Offhand position: *BOLT-ACTION RIFLES = 15 rounds/60 seconds. Scoring: Total hits. Phase II (Hasty Defense. Simulates massed defensive fire on attacking enemy): At 100 meters: Half-size (Army F) silhouette. From Standing to Prone Unsupported position: *BOLT-ACTION RIFLES = 15 rounds/60 seconds. Scoring: Total hits. Phase III (Fixed Defense. Simulates an enemy being engaged at longer ranges). At 200 meters: Full-size (Army E) silhouette. From Standing to Prone Unsupported position: *BOLT-ACTION RIFLES = 15 rounds/70 seconds. Scoring: Total hits.
Possible Scores: Bolt-action rifles = 45 Hunting¯ rifles=??

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