3 Gun / IDPA

3 Gun is an exciting addition to the action shooting sports where you use rifle, pistol and shotgun in a series of tactical scenarios.  IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) is oriented toward concealed carry self-defense.  It stresses real life equipment and tactics – including drawing from a concealed holster, use of cover, shooting while moving or at moving targets and reloading under stress.  We accommodate both type of shooting in a single event by including shorter range targets for both 3 Gun and IDPA along with longer range targets for 3 Gun rifle only.

If you are new to competitive action shooting, you will need to take an “Introduction to Competition” course before your first match.  This course is $50 for a full day of instruction covering safety, match procedures, stage design, scoring, equipment and shooting techniques.  We work our way up from the basics to shooting a full stage over the course of the day.  Please check the calendar for training and match dates.

At a match, you will be assigned to a squad of 5 – 10 shooters who will move between stages with an assigned Safety Officer.  There will be 4 stages with 6 – 24 targets each.  You can expect 3 Gun round counts of 30 - 60 rifle, 20 – 40 pistol and 15 – 30 shotgun.  IDPA round count is typically 60 – 80.  The match fee is $30 for 3 Gun and $20 for IDPA.  Sign-up starts at 8:30 AM; all shooters need to be ready to go by 9:15; shooting starts promptly at 9:30.

3 Gun Details
3 Gun competition started in the 1980’s and is a combination of elements from IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation), traditional rifle competition, Cowboy Action shooting and military training.  It took off over the last 10 years because of the challenges using 3 different shooting platforms over longer and more complicated scenarios.

Equipment Requirements include:
Rifle caliber 5.56/223 or larger (AR’s dominate) with iron, red dot or scope.
Shotgun 20 Gauge or larger – pump or semi-auto.
Handgun suitable for IDPA
Holster that covers the trigger guard – preferably level 2 (with retention button or strap) given how much we run around.
Ability to carry all ammunition on you person for each stage – several rifle magazines, at least 2 pistol magazines and at least 10+ shotgun rounds.

We use the International Multi-Gun (IMG) 2011 rules with the following exceptions:
Red dot sights are considered optics rather than lumped in with iron sights
We have additional categories for:
Pistol caliber carbine (including M1 carbines)
22 Cal rifle / handgun and 410 / 20 gauge shotgun
Vintage for bolt, lever or pump style rifles

Ammunition restrictions include:
Rifle – no armor piercing, incendiary or tracer (steel core SS-109 / M855 or Wolf type can be used)
Shotgun – lead slugs and lead birdshot only.  No buckshot or steel shot.

IDPA Details
The IDPA was founded by Bill Wilson in 1996 in order to promote more realistic self-defense training. It is best described as “Concealed Carry” competition, meant to level the playing field on equipment and to stress real world tactics and skills. To quote from the rule book: “Defensive Pistol shooting as a sport is quite simply the use of practical equipment, including full-charge service ammunition, to solve simulated ‘real world’ self-defense scenarios.”

Equipment requirements include:
Stock or modestly modified handguns with iron sights.  Minimum caliber is 38 for revolver and 9mm for pistol.
A strong side holster with reasonable retention that covers the trigger, worn behind the hip, and a magazine or speed-loader carrier.
At least 2 spare magazines or 3 speed-loaders.
An outer garment so that you are drawing from concealment.

If you would like more information or to be added to our mailing list, you can contact Bob Klimm at rklimm@strat-edg.com or 603-630-9408.