The Pemi Club membership consists of individuals, couples, and families.

We welcome members to our club regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, beliefs, abilities, or disabilities. Our members come from different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. We share in common the drive to improve ourselves, to support each other, and to contribute to our club in valuable ways.

Our membership year runs from January 1 to December 31.

Please print an application form using the link below or pick up an application at the club.


As you fill out our application form, please print clearly, or better still, click the “Fillable” application link on this page. You can type in your personal information and print your typed application for submission.

Noting which interests are important to you helps our officers and Board of Directors plan for the club.

If you have skills that you would like to contribute, please enter them on the “Volunteer” line.

On the back (or second page) of the application form, choose the membership plan that suits you best.

  • You can choose an individual or family membership.
  • New members or returning members whose membership has lapsed will pay the administration fee.
  • Membership for ages 68 and older is reduced to $50 after 2 consecutive years of membership and with proof of age. Adding spouse or significant other is $50.
  • For age 80 and older, membership is free with proof of age.
  • Access to the indoor range requires paying the fee listed on the application, and attending a 30-minute safety tour focusing on rules particular to the indoor range.
  • Please make a donation to keep our club financially strong. Join the patron program if you can. The club is run entirely by volunteers, and all contributions go to operations or improvements.


Applications are submitted on the club grounds at the gate kiosks, by hand delivery to our treasurer, or by mail at PO Box 38, Plymouth, NH 03264


From our application:


The Pemi Club is a non-profit, members-only club. You will be mailed a membership packet with an ID badge. Display your badge at all times while at the ranges. Please be ready to cooperate when we verify your membership.

When you visit the Pemigewasset Valley Fish and Game Club, you become a volunteer. We all take ownership to keep the ranges and facilities safe and clean. Please be mindful of your role as a steward of the range by: practicing safe gun handling, following the rules, leaving the range cleaner than you found it, and helping other shooters.

By signing, you agree to follow all federal firearms laws, New Hampshire state firearm regulations, range rules, and proper gun safety practices while on club property. Members agree to hold Pemigewasset Valley Fish & Game Club harmless for any occurrence while on the Club‘s property.”


Pay your Membership Application by Credit Card

Pay your Membership Application by Fillable and Mail-in


Click here for Additional liabilty release waivers for family members

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The One-day membership and liability waiver is available to members on the "Forms" page.
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