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Due to increased expense and the difficulty with maintaining the wire system, the club will no longer provide target frames for the fifty or hundred yard ranges.  It will now be the responsibility of each member to bring their  own target stands.  It is important that each target stand has a distance of at least 54 inches from the ground up to the bottom of the target area to insure that all of your bullets impact the embankment and do NOT skip off the floor of the range.  The Board of Directors thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


The Pemigewasset Valley Fish & Game Club of Holderness, NH is a non-profit organization that boasts a proud history which began in 1941 and continues through to the present. Due to the persistent efforts of Rosco Whitcomb a meeting was held in March 1941 at the Firemen's Hall in Ashland, NH for the purpose of organizing a fish and game club in the local area. Many sportsmen were in attendance at the meeting which concluded with a committee being elected to draw up a set of by-laws. On May 1, 1941 the by-laws were presented and following several proposals the Club was named and the organization became active.

The Club is directed by a twelve-member board of directors. Elections of Officers and Directors are held at the Annual Business Meeting in March of each year.

Throughout the years the Club has grown in membership, physical assets, and number and variety of activities available. The overriding purpose behind the Club is the association of like minded individuals who adhere to the original principles upon which it is founded.

These principles are best summed up as follows:

We of the Pemigewasset Valley Fish and Game Club, Inc. dedicate this booklet to the True Sportsmen who are interested in the conservation of the fish and wildlife , and the preservation of the natural resources of the State of New Hampshire, so that those to follow may enjoy the sport and recreation as the result of such practices.

Dedication from the Program of the Twenty-fifth Anniversary Celebration in 1966

          OUR GOALS

     Conservation of habitat, fish and wildlife
     Good sportsmanship, safety and outdoor ethics
     Proper management of fish and wildlife resources
     Promotion and preservation of the shooting sports

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