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This year you can renew on-line on our web site membership page.  Click on the “Membership” link at the top of this page.  Please read the instructions there and choose the membership plan that is best for you.  To renew on-line, click on the first membership renewal choice, “Pay your membership application by credit card.”  Follow the link on the next page to “Membership application.”  It is faster and easier than submitting a paper application, and it saves our volunteers hours of processing work.  There is a 3% convenience fee for the on-line process, that is a pass-through fee that pays for our secure ervice at Heartland Global Payments. 

To all of you who: support the club with your membership, with fees and donations, and volunteer your time, thank you!   Our club is strong because you make it so!

  -- Jerry Thibodeau, treasurer, and Phil Haskell, club volunteer, 01/04/22


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